DH Maintenance FAQ

Maintenance FAQ

We encourage you to direct all service requests, inquiries, or concerns regarding building/property maintenance to our Maintenance Ticketing System. This single contact system was designed with the tenant in mind to simplify and expedite response to tenant requests. You can access the Maintenance Ticketing System on our website under the heading Maintenance then pressing “Maintenance Login” from the drop down list.This includes quick response times to service requests and maintaining open communication with our tenants to apprise them of any necessary details. Our goal is to respond to your needs within 24 hours. If we are not able to complete your service request within a 24 hour period we will provide you with an estimated date and time of completion. Our Management team would be happy to assist you during business hours. Business hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday, holidays excluded.

Who is the authorized individual in my organization that can request maintenance?

Authorized individuals include Leasee or any Leasee’s designated manager. The initial user name and password are generated from the landlords contact information listed for your property. An email maybe requested by the Leasee to resend the login information for your company.

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How do I handle repairs and maintenance requests?

Commercial leases typically require that tenants maintain the leased premises in good condition and repair. Typically, once the landlord turns possession of the premises over to the tenant, the tenant is responsible for all repairs and maintenance work inside the leased premises. Tenants are free to hire the contractor of their choice for such repairs, as long as the contractor is fully licensed and insured, and is qualified to perform the repairs. Alternatively, you may contact your property manager, who may be able to send a contractor on your behalf, and will bill you for the expense once the work has been completed. If maintenance is required please use the Maintenance Ticket System. This is available to authorized individuals in your organization by clicking the “Maintenance Login” under the heading “Maintenance” of our website.

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What do I do if I am dissatisfied with the maintenance I received.

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our operations, please contact our Management Supervisor

at 416.265.5055. We welcome the opportunity to improve our service.

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Can tenants review work orders generated by the LandLord.

Tenants are invited to review the work orders we have generated for your company.


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What Is A Mantenance Request?

Any maintenance related item, such as:

 Lights burnt out.

 Temperature too hot/too cold.

 Special request cleaning.

 Washroom supply replenishment.

 Water leaks.

 General inquiries.

Many service requests are included as part of normal rent, but some requests may be chargeable to the tenant. In these cases, tenant authorization is required in advance of the work commencing.


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